Harlem: Precious Memories... Great Expectations

Harlem: Precious Memories... Great Expectations

By A. Peter Bailey


This coffee table book will make a wonderful keepsake of Harlem’s history. All proceeds will go towards our STEM after-school program in Harlem. 

"Commissioned by Harlem Commonwealth Council, Inc. one of the neighborhood’s most productive economic development corporations, this book presents compelling vignettes from Harlemites who were born here or raised here, or received their early education here, or worked here , or lived here or have lived here, or have raised their children here or all of the above. They share their precious memories of and great expectations for Harlem. In a real, positive sense they are Harlem’s “homeboys” and “homegirls.” However, make no mistakes about it, Harlem, with all its complexities, is the star of this book. It is well known that every star shine brighter when fortified by a stellar supporting cast. The Harlemites speaking here are just that. Each member of the “supporting cast” responded to seven core questions intended to elicit their precious memories and great expectations. The questions asked were, among other things, how these individuals would invest in Harlem, if they could, to ensure Harlem’s future, and what do these folks imagine Harlem in the year 2025. Their precious memories graphically illuminate why Harlem is Harlem, and their great expectations show why it will remain so, if they have anything to say about it."

 - A. Peter Bailey

Contact ylovinsky@harlemcommonwealth.org if you have any questions